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Websites, Apps and Campaign experiences for every what, where and who.

Agile Art Directing
Agile Art Directing

Good coordination between Product, Marketing, Design and Developers is the key to quality control. Enforcing best practices while keeping sprint deadlines can only be achieved with supportive, positive communication.

Robust Living Style Guide
Robust Living Style Guides

Styles Guides are vital for Design collaberation and brand patterns. I take it a step further by adding a Product preview area for complete screens, specs and wireframes so all Design work is easily accessible.

Responsive, Accessible, Platform Agnostic Experiences
Responsive Experiences

Ensure that your users are getting a great experience with your site or app by using responsive designs for any device and screen size. Create a product that can adapt to the comfort of your users and you'll have happier success stories.

Pixel-Perfect Specs and UI
Pixel-Perfect Specs and UI

Clean files, professional presentations and a deep understanding of CSS makes developing time quicker and allows Marketing to create campaigns easier.

Simplification and Clarity
Simplification and Clarity

I'm a proponent of deletion rather than addition. I've seen many features become over-engineered to fix problems, and I'm all for taking a look at the original vision and finding the simplest path for the user.

Usability Testing/Demos
Usability Testing/Demos

Getting direct feedback about Design creates great User Stories. Re-designs can be tested before implementation, making the final Product one your users will love.

To see examples of work from these clients, please contact me for the latest designs available.

Hachette Book Group
Pearson Education
Penguin Random House
National Geographic