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What I'm About

Over the past decade, I’ve made a career balancing user experience and design. Once web technology and apps opened doors for designers, I was there to invent, design and direct all sorts of cool solutions for employers and clients. The Rhode Island School of Design helped me push my designs even farther by strengthening my art in illustration. From there to New York City, clients such as Pearson Education, Disney and Penguin Random House choose me based on my ability to integrate traditional illustration methods into creative multimedia.

Heather Cristofaro

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Whether the project is large or small, the quality I’ll deliver will be the same. I end up caring a lot about the work I do for others and I push positivity on those I work with. For the amount of time we end up spending with co-workers and clients, I believe developing friendships is really important to understanding each other. I’ve worked in all types of roles for projects. There’s always something to be learned as design grows with technology. I like to keep myself and my team adaptive to the industry as well as client goals. Want to work with me? Email me your ideas and let’s talk.